Friday, 24 January 2014

To Glenorchy, Kinloch, Greenstone Valley and back

Dick has returned from his camel riding expedition in the Sahara in Chad.
The iron camel is ready to ride.
It is a stunning day. There is fresh snow on the mountain tops.

We set off to Glenorchy for lunch and then onward over the Rees and dart rivers to Kinloch and through three river crossings to Greenstone Valley at the end of the road.

Some days are perfect for a ride. This is one of them.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Motorcycle visitors in Queenstown

One of the delights of being member of the RTW motorcycling community is the pleasure of meeting people who are fellow adventurers.
No explanations are required.
An unspoken understanding prevails.
Adventurous stories are shared.
Click on the links and you can enjoy some amazing stories, too.

My first bike spotting was Phil and Dawn's bike in Arrowtown. Prudhoe bay and Arctic Circle stickers on the panniers shouted out to me.  I left a note in one of the helmets. 
By the time I got home the phone was ringing. 
Phil and Dawn came round and we enjoyed an evening of stories  including their rides in Alaska and the Trans America Trail. Great to share another woman's experiences.

Folk reading my Come, walk with me blog will have met Fern who has been staying with me in Queenstown. Fern rode solo from london to Nepal through Europe, Turkey, Iran, the Stans, China Pakistan last year.
This morning Marko from Finland came to visit. He has ridden 250,000km round the world(RTW) over 8 years. 
Mella gets a wee look-in in this photo. She has cabin fever while Dick is away riding a camel in Chad.
 Ride safe, Marko...
 and Fern.

I am happy for motorcycle adventurers who are on southern roads to come and visit - contact me on my profile  email.