Saturday, 14 December 2013

Oxford to Queenstown

Fueled up with splendid bacon and eggs at Seagars and Trish's smile we ride south.
Through the Springfield area where  Hubbard and Jebson relatives farmed in the 1800's
Over the Rakaia Gorge bridge
To the McKenzie Basin where what was once barren land has been transformed by irrigation  into green, lush dairy-farming country. Haymakers are busy today.
To Tarras for a cuppa.
Merino wool used to make Icebreaker  clothes is produced from sheep raised here on Bendigo Station. Our Icebreaker tee shirts and long sleeve tops and leggings have kept us warm in the cold places and the tee shirts kept us cool in the tropics. After 8 months of daily wear on our motorcycle journeys the icebreaker clothing is in excellent condition.

Lupins mark our path through the Cardrona Valley and fill the air with a delicate perfume.

We are home in Queenstown again.
Over 75,000km later Mella has returned to where we started in April 2012.
Where to next???

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