Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Wudinna to Adelaide

Our coldest day.
We set off at 7.0degC and it warmed to 13.5degC.  Thank goodness for my heated jacket.
The antarctic winds blow directly into the Great Australian Bight and Eyre Peninsula.
We stop to warm up and for coffee at Kimba and discover we are halfway across Australia.

 Wheat for hundred more km. Paddocks are several km long and stretch as far as the eye can see.
 and the familiar yellow flowers brighten the landscape.
 We sidestep this shower of rain.
 Truckers stuff as we enter Adelaide.
We have shared the road with road trains most of our journey.
We want to pay a tribute to their drivers. They have been very courteous and considerate. We really appreciated the single blink of an indicator to let us know it was safe to pass (an offence in NSW).
It was good to talk with them at roadhouses.

They are the lifeblood of the outback and they travel huge distances. We met a driver who does the return trip Melbourne to Perth every week. Leaving Melbourne of Wednesday and home again on Sunday (6800km round trip).

 We are heading for MotoAdelaide in South Road... the GPS can't cope with these obstructions...
 It is election season...
 Arrived safely. We left Mella for her check up and...
...Sherri Jo came to fetch us and took us to her home at McLaren Vale.  
How wonderful it is  to be in a house eating wonderful home cooked food.
How wonderful to catch up with Sherri Jo who has just completed three years riding solo around the world. Take a peek at Sherri Jo's blog.
How wonderful to be warm.

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