Tuesday, 27 August 2013

We have arrived in Sydney.

Distance travelled - 18,871km
1 July - 27 August 2013

We visited NSW, Queensland, Northern territory, West Australia, South Australia, Victoria.

From the Eastern to the northern and South western points of the Australian continent.
We crossed the Tropic of capricon twice - at Rockhampton and souh of Carnarvon in WA.
East - Cape Byron, NSW
North  - Cape York
West - Carnarvon
South West - Cape leuwinn, WA
 South East - Agnes, Victoria
Tropic of Capricorn - Rockhampton

 Tropic of Capricorn - near Carnavon WA


Stuart said...

Well done, you two!

Wherever next?

Tas Walker said...

That is an amazing adventure. It was good to see you at Queenstown today at the top of the gondola. You can find stuff about geology (Australia, South Africa, etc.) and carbon dating at http://biblicalgeology.net/blog/ Keep exploring.