Thursday, 1 August 2013

Nitmiluk, Katherine Gorge

We stayed at Nitmiluk the homeland of the Jawoyn people.

The Katherine river runs through this area and has 13 gorges. It is the dry season and the river levels are low. Our river trip included three of the gorges. We walked over the rocky weirs at the lowest points. Boats were waiting in each section of the river.

At the first landing we saw some Aboriginal rock drawings. 
The Jawoyn people were able to establish  their long association with this area through the extensive rock paintings of their ancestors when they were making land claims to the government.

 We are happy to have Mark's company again.
Radioman is going to ride with us for a while.
 There are fresh water crocodiles in the river. The saltwater crocs that come during the wet season floods are trapped and returned to the northern rivers. The katherine river is deemed safe for swimming and kayaking..
The fresh water crocodile has a long narrow snout, eats his food - frogs, insects, small animals whole-and is apparently no threat to humans.
As for me, I'm not willing to hop in and swim here.

It has been a relaxing stay at Nitmiluk - Cicada land.

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