Sunday, 11 August 2013

Exmouth, Coral Bay and Carnarvon

Exmouth is a quiet little town, the perfect place for a rest day.
Some travelers are kttedout with solar panels and satellies dishes..
 Some with a house and boat on wheels - overshadowing the motorhome in the background.
We went exploring. 
This array of tall towers looked like more than trapeze artists' training gear.

 At the lighthouse we discovered it was built in the 1960's...

The interpretation panels were adjacent to this cross which speaks a message of peace.

 This is our last evening with Mark, Radioman.
Till we meet again...

The following morning we set off south.
These scenes are typical of 100's km in the outback.

 We decide to drop in to Coral Bay.
We are so glad that we did.
The fringing reef is accessible from the shore.

We decide to take a snorkelling trip. A great decision - execellent coral and many fish.
We didn't know about the Ningaloo coral reef until this week. It is a World heritage site.
It is the only coral reef on the west coast of a continent. the warm waters from Indonesia moderate the sea temperatures and coral thrive.
My camera battery goes flat.
My phone is pressed into service.

Our trip includes a visit to a turtle sanctuary.
Thanks to Coral Bay Ecotours for the following five images.

 And thanks to Aaron our guide for the day.

On the road again.
The last time we crossed the Tropic of Capricorn  was near Antofagasta, Chile,  last year.

 We arrive at Carnarvon in the late afternoon.

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