Saturday, 17 August 2013

Esperance, Norseman to Caiguna - Day 1 The Nullabor

Good omens this morning.
We plan to ride to north to Norseman and east on the Eyre Highway along the Nullabor Plains.

 The cross winds as we ride north mean that we aren't doing much 'speedingup'.

 That all changes when we head East to Balladona with accompanying tail winds.
 I turn up the heat in my jacket
 and we ride straight to Balladonna.

 The Road House has an excellent local museum complete with a piece of Skylab and news reports from 1979 abut the breakup of Skylab on re-entry to Earth's atmosphere.

 On the road again.
The road becomes an airstrip for the Royal Flying Doctor Service in an emergency.
 Dick imagines he is the pilot coming in to land.

 Straight on we go.
Then we encounter Australia's longest stretch of straight road - 145.6km which takes us from balladonia to Caiguna.
 Nullabor - no trees.
 Not many trucks this afternoon.

 Pressing straight on...
 At last, Caiguna Road house..
 and our home for tonight...

A warm  24 hour welcome awaits travellers.

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