Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Back on the bike - Adelaide to Kingston

From sunshine to a wild and stormy afternoon.

We pack the bike every morning before we set off.
Some never-before-seen images...
Thanks for these photos Sherri Jo.

Team work.
We are quilted up with every bit of clothing under our motorbike gear.
Just as well because when we start to ride up Mt Barker the temperature drops to 7degC and there is fog around.
This is our first hill in weeks. I think of Tricia and Ken who have been cycling up and down hills in France for the last few weeks. Take a peek at London to Lisbon and be inspired.
We stopped at Policeman's Point Hotel for lunch - we appreciated Sherri Jo's recommendation of Coorong mullet.
We looked out and noticed Mella had company.  Dion is riding to Perth on his round Australia adventure. He reckoned we were heading for some stormy weather.
He was right.  
We blew along the highway...

A sign... for this crayfish lover.

and arrived at Kingston.
When we stopped the bike and hopped off we were in a howling storm. The tail wind was whistling around the hotel.
Snug inside though.
All's well.

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