Thursday, 15 August 2013

Albany to Esperance

Weather influenced our journey today.
Wild cross winds  as we rode east then north from Albany became a tail wind for the remainder of our trip.
We stopped for lunch Ravensthorpe. Wind howling in the roof prompted a fellow to comment "Not a good day to be on a bike."
We can remember ferocious winds on the Ruta 40 in Argentina and today's winds are a brisk zephyr in comparison.

The roads were mostly long and straight.
Bright fields of oil seed rape flowers brightened most of our journey.
Plenty of Canola oil on its way.

 Some of the paddocks were as large as a New Zealand farm.

 Grain silos along the way. Wheat is also grown in this region
 A rainbow welcomed us at Esperance.
Look closely and you will see it is over Bow Park.

 Then it rained...

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