Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Yellow Waters Cooinda to Katherine Gorge

The serene scenes are our reward for our early morning ride from Jabiru to Cooinda, Yellow Waters.
Come on the boat with us and watch the birds among the wetlands of floating buffalo grass, pandanus, lotus flowers and water lilies.

A basking saltwater croc. The lumps on his back - highly vascularised osteoderms -  are his solar panels.
Brolgas in the distance, egrets, and whistling ducks in this bird sanctuary.

The cormorant and the sea eagle are having better luck fishing than the men on the boat.
This sea eagle is airborne with his catch.

The men have a remote controlled electric outboard at the front. Apparently it is so quiet the fish can't hear it.
We are surprised to see fishing in this national park - but it is legit so long as they use a lure. Barramundi daily catch is limited to 5 fish with a minimum length of 55cm.

Barter bird drying out after his fishing.
The Indigenous flag.
Indigenous people from various tribal groups that we have met in the Northern territory have been gracious and forthcoming about their culture and their lives.  

Mella brings people to us.
John and Marie are kiwis on the road in a 4WD.
 Floodway signs are endemic.
I am forming a view that Australia is one giant riverbed. Even when we ride over the crest of a hill we find ourselves riding over a floodway.
Markers show the depth at the deepest part of the floodway.

We followed this car for some distance - he was harder to pass than a Road train.

Bubbles and a lovely welcome from Kathryn at the end of the day, and..

A smart tent for tonight.

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