Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Seisia to Archer River - York Peninsula

An early start and farewells to Andrew and Mereditth who have been our kind neighbours at the Campground at Seisia.  We are keen to get to the ferry early and to reach Archer River before dusk.

We took three days to come from Lakeland up to the top of the Peninsula but plan on taking 2 days to return. We need to reach Darwin within ten days for Dick to catch a plane back to NZ.

We drive through rain forest with some welcome showers of rain which dampen the dust

 First stop after the Jardine Ferry is 100km south at the turn off to Elliot Falls and Fruit Bat Falls.
 With barely a pause the traffic swings around into the side road and sends up a shower of red mud spray.  It is a change from red dust.

 The rain has softened the corrugations but the road is slippery.

At the Bramwell junction Road house. 
Both the hospitality and the food are great. 
The Road Houses we have visited are staffed with a cosmopolitan group of young backpackers. 
All the vehicles are redecorated.
 Mella has a fullbodied mudpack. The red stuff is caked on. It is caked on us, too.
 The Telegraph road stretches to infinity...
 The corrugations continue to provide vibration therapy.
I have been standing on the pegs to minimize their effect.
Every tendon, every muscle every joint has been shaken into submission.

An unexpected delight... a lobelia carpet beside the road.

Beyond the dampened rainforest Northern Bypass road we are back onto the Telegraph road. 
Dusty conditions resume.

Building our little house for the night in the setting sun at the Archer River Roadhouse campsite.

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