Tuesday, 23 July 2013

 Archer River
Free Sweet Star fruit.
In the evening we had dinner under the shelter and watched a TV documentary about ABBA.
Now we  know why Australian films including Priscilla in the Desert and Muriel's wedding feature ABBA songs. Australians were ABBA's biggest fans in the 1970's. The music historians described how ABBA toured Australia in 1976  and their concerts were the biggest outdoor concerts that had ever been held in Australia.
 Out first dingo sighting.

 Derelict vehicles along the route. Some are in the bush margins. The road is unforgiving.
 We stop for the quarantine check north of Coen.
There are signs reminding people about not taking banana plants south not to bring mangoes north. That puzzled us because there were Mexican mangoes for sale in the Seisia store.

 Coen River for breakfast and a chat with a fellow biker.
 Musgrave Telegraph station and Road House.  Lunch stop.

 Hann River RoadHouse for an icecream break.

 A large green goanna eyes us up.
 A stretch of thick bull dust. It is like aerated talcum powder.
I get off and push the bike.
 Great relief that we have reached the end of the gravel road...
 ... but it was a bit premature.

At last, the gravel is finished.
Putting some air back into the tyres.

No room at the Lakeside RoadHouse so we rode on to a wonderful welcome at the Palmer River Roadhouse.  In the late 1800's this was a booming gold mining area.
The State of Origin RFL match is on tonight. Special catering for guests - $10 a refillable plate and a wide selection of savory foods and prawns. 

We have ridden to Cape York and back in 6 days 1662km. 

This sign at the Musgrave Road House offerred an alternative.  
I enquired about this trip when we were heading north but their were no berths available until mid August. Some people drive up the York Peninsula cruise with their vehicles from Seisia to Cairns.

"What a Great Idea!"
Into our donga for the night.


Stuart Savill said...

Well done!!!!! You guys are legends!! Heading for Melbourne in just over 3 weeks time. You gonna be near there by then? I doubt it. Love Stuart

Diana said...

Thanks for your loving encouragement. The pace is picking up now but in three weeks we will be somewhere in the south west.

Diane said...

Hello great adventurers. I have just had a wonderful tour of your latest blog. Thanks you for the opportunity to tour vicariously and in comfort!!

Travel safely and well


Diana said...

Welcome on our Australian journey.
I am delighted to know you have joined the angels on our trip.