Friday, 26 July 2013

Mindil Beach Market - Darwin

Darwin is a great place to visit.
Recent and ancient history to learn about.
I am enjoying exploring friends Judy and Dave.

The city is closer to Djakarta than to Sydney and is cosmopolitan. This is very evident at
Mindil Beach Market with its wide variety of food stalls, crafts and entertainers .
Carla tempts me with her pralines which she is preparing in a large simmering sugar syrup pot.
Richard introduces himself as he keeps rhythm.
Tall cowboys.
Crowds in the setting sun. Food stalls from many nations.

"I'll only eat one potato chip"...

Wild food hamburgers. Farmed crocodile looks just like fish.

and boomerangs that come back.
Cracking the whip. 
Mick's whips have a steel core, shot, plaited kangaroo hide, a binder twin tip. With the flick of the wrist you can break the sound barrier.

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