Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Kempsey to Coolangatta - A happy reunion

The happiest of reunions with Radioman our friend Mark.

No dancing girls, no red carpet....
but, Mark was at the door to welcome us.

Parking in a secure place - just like in Central and South America

We felt very welcome in this place.
Wonderful warm-hearted folk at the Greenmount Beach hotel. 
People with a gift for hospitality. 
We recognise this gift in a heartbeat when we are on a journey. 

Sandie from reception,

and Maria in the dining room who welcomed us late in the evening and was around for breakfast.

Now back to our ride for the day.  
We left Grafton around 9.00am and rode in sunshine through banana country, then miles of sugar cane followed by rice fields. 

 There were many kilometres of road works.  We had a long delay at one stage. Time for a rest.

There is plenty of evidence that much rain has fallen over the last week.

It was about now that I turned on my intercom and music poured forth.
No, not Dick singing.
I had paired the intercom with my phone earlier in the day and it chose this for me.
Very apt for this journeying soul.

Guide me oh Thou Great redeemer.

Pilgrim through this barren land.
I am weak, but Thou art mighty;
Hold me with Thy powerful hand.
Bread of Heaven, Bread of Heaven,
Feed me till I want no more;
Feed me till I want no more.

Open now the crystal fountain,
Whence the healing stream doth flow;
Let the fire and cloudy pillar
Lead me all my journey through.
Strong Deliverer, strong Deliverer,
Be Thou still my Strength and Shield;
Be Thou still my Strength and Shield.

Words Wm Williams, Translator Peter Williams

And for an extra sense of reassurance we visited this light house. 

which is at the most easterly point of Australia at Cape Byron.

As we rode away from the light house we looked to the south coast of new South Wales from Cape Byron and then headed to the NSW Queensland border...

to Coolangatta where Mark was waiting to welcome us.

A happy evening at the local Beach club followed. Jazz, shanks and shiraz. 

Being a traveller on a journey brings the richest of experiences. 
One of the greatest of these is friendship and sheer joy and delight of being in the company of people who share the mystery of being on the road.

I love the fact that there are many people on a virtual journey with me through this blog.  Comments and emails are welcome.

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