Saturday, 6 July 2013

Gympie to Rockhampton

From Gympie to Maryborough for breakfast.
A damp misty start to the day

Ominous clouds.  The road skirted around their payload.
 The scene is constantly changing though the gum trees are a constant.

That's me. The temperate one.
The last time we crossed the Tropic Of Capricorn was at Antofagasta in Chile.
Here we are in Rockhampton. Famous for its beef industry.
There are huge coal mines in the hinterland. We saw trains with well over 100*wagons loaded with coal.
*too many to count.

 A first for us.
A pub meal alongside a covered rodeo arena out the back of the Great Western hotel. It was practice night for the cowboys. Some were quite young - both riders and bulls.
This bull gave the cowboys a run for their money. They hurtled up the fencing to get out of his way.

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