Saturday, 27 July 2013

Down by a billabong - Corroboree Wetlands, Kakadu national Park

This region is well known for its wild life, especially birds and crocodiles.
Dave and Judy and I are off to visit a billabong on the Mary River in the Kakadu National Park.
Dick is in Auckland for a few days.
My Canon G12 has a focusing problem so I am using my iPhone as a camera today.

We set off along the banks of the billabong which is about 40km from the coast on the Mary River. There are extensive flood plains along the billabong. These are covered with metres of water during the wet season. Fish breed then. Now the flood plain is grazing land for cattle and is home to many bird species and also to crocodiles.
Fresh water Mangroves and lotus lilies are abundant.

Lurking along the banks are many saltwater crocodiles. Basking in the sun and partly water cooled as they adjust their body temperature to an optimum 32degC

Don't be taken in by his smile.  This crocodile is well camouflaged.
 Numerous bird species watch as we putter by.
The Jacana hops from lily pad to lily pad. They nest on the leaves, too.
Sea Eagle

Jabiru - Satin necked Stork stands elegantly on the bank and watches us.
 Darter drying out its wings

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