Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Day one on the road - Sydney to Kempsey 460km

We are ready, we are set,

 Ruth sends us on our way...
 through downtown Sydney,

where the canyons overwhelm the GPS

Full steam ahead onto the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

 The last time I was here I was walking high above - on the Harbour Bridge arch.
 Several hours on the freeway, with occasional stops and

into the wide open spaces.

A good day on the road.


Ken said...

Enjoy your travels. We will follow with interest. We are in California on our way to see Lachie and his parents in New York. We are cooking here with the temperature at 105F! Phew.
Love from Shirley (and Ken)

Diana said...

Are you going east via Death Valley? 105F (40.5C) will be good preparation. 12.5C when we left Sydney, highest 19.5C. Go well.

Diana said...

When will we see Radioman?