Saturday, 20 July 2013

Coen, Bramwell Station, Seisia - York Peninsula

 Our journey north along the telegraph road included many hundreds of kilometers of corrugations...
interspersed with occasional tantalising 5km stretches of new seal
 At Archer River we met Bert Hall and his splendid racing green Ural with sidecar.

 Getting closer to Cape York - Pajinka

 Ant hills are everywhere. These splendid ant creations were at Bramwell Junction.

 We decided to retrace our journey a few km to Bramwell Station where we enjoyed a barbecue feast and slept in a donga. (pictures to come) The cattleyards had these charming inhabitants.

 Some folk travel with ingenious setups.

 Some huge trucks phy the route north. This rig - Slim Dusty had hauled some prefab houses north.

 We rode the southern bypass and waited for the ferryman to finish his lunch.

 $A67 for this journey for the motorcycle and us - and unlimited camping in the local tribal area.
 At the Seisia Camping grounds.  Warning signs about saltwater crocodiles.
 and then off to the local market at the Boat Club
 Gorgeous weaving and beads. No room in the panniers.

 Erlena and Liam with her pretty hand-crafted beads saying 'choose me'.

 Good night at Seisia.


Dave Browning said...

I gather the 'Red Backed' crocodile is quite rare. You were lucky to see one!!
I don't like the look of all those corrugations!
D & J

Diana said...

There was a recorded sighting in Darwin in June 2010 so it is within the realms of probability that there will be another sighting.
Look for red corrugated underbelly.