Thursday, 11 July 2013

Cairns, lakeland, Coen -York Peninsula

 We had a relaxing stay with Gail our lovely warm-hearted host at Villa Gail, Yorkeys Knob just north of Cairns. We followed her suggestion and visited St Monica's cathedral.

 Creation windows at St Monica's cathedral are a riot of colour. Take a peek at the link. Plenty to look at during sermons. Lovely to visit.
An amazing mind behind this.

In the beginning....

 Last petrol fill up before we go inland and continue our journey further north on the York Peninsula.

 Beware of stock.
 Morsi recognised Dick at the Lakeland Coffee House and Store. He apologised for not having Hubbard Cereals on his shelves. He and his wife served us a wonderful breakfast and coffee which was a great start to our day.

 The Telegraph road runs far into the distance.
Brief 5km stretches of tarseal (bitumen here) offer a welcome respite.
Most traffic roars past us as we steadily ride north.
There are plenty of corrugations to shake us into place.
Lots of road works, too.
Friendly traffic control folk give us advice on road conditions along the way.
It reminds us of the Haul Highway in Alaska and the Ruta 40 in Argentina.
 We saw the Alaska Ushuaia stickers on the bike.
Then we met Ben and Timna at Musgrave Road House. Ben rode the Alaska to Ushuaia journey in 2011. He also rode from Capetown north to Cairo and eventually to Greece... and then more. Timna is on her L plates and has ridden the York peninsula - I am impressed.

 Trucks are  invited to stop and drop dust before entering town. We have been blinded by dust at times today.

A long interesting day on the bike.

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