Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Airlie Beach, Ingham to Cairns

It has been a lovely couple of days on the bike.
We have been up a hill today and round a few, very few, corners.

I made a new friend today. We played for a while.
He knows this is an 'O'.
His expression sums up what it fees like everyday on the bike - Lots of delightful surprises.

Yesterday we rode through Bowen.Plenty of Mango trees but it is not the season for fruit. 

There are many 'This road is subject to flooding' signs. It is hard to imagine floods when the river beds are almost dry just now.
 Mella attracts lots of attention and comment.
 We stayed at Lees hotel in Ingham.
The home to the Slim Dusty song 'The Pub with no Beer'.

We went up a hill today. Warning sign  'Steep gradient ahead 10%'. It was 113m high. Our highest elevation since the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

It rained a little today.

 The Tully sugar mill steaming on.
 Some banana plantations near Cardwell...

and tropical rainforest as we ride into Cairns.

We have ridden 2806km from Sydney over the last week.


Dave Browning said...

We recognise the exact spot for some of these photos. You and Judy click the same. Only difference, you have puddles on the side of the road!! We are at Ayres Rock/Uluru. Rain and 7 degrees! Stay safe D & J

Diana said...

Ah, but as you know we are two discerning women.

Diana said...

Watch out for the frost if you decide to sleep in a swag tonight!