Sunday, 14 April 2013

Stanley to Strahan - Going South West

Stanley, on the North West coast has lots of restored old houses and shops on the main street. 
Like all the towns we have passed through Stabley boast a Tidy Town sign. 
The townships in Tasmania really are tidy.

The green and red roofs are typical of many we have seen throughout Tasmania. When I asked someone what the roof colours were he said if I wanted a green roof I should ask for "Roof Green",  and if I wanted a red roof then ask for  "Roof Red".
The cream walls and either red or green roofs reminded me of house colours in the New Zealand Countryside when I was young.

We had an early breakfast and enjoyed the company of a couple of Perth bikers. Woody and Dave. Woody is an expat Kiwi. 
Motorcycles cause conversations...

We rode through lush farmland along the NW coast and headed inland...
to mining country.
First stop, tin mining - Waratah. We stopped for lunch and were impressed with the local history displays. The mine has closed. The school has closed.

Forests of Eucalypts line the road.
Some are plantations with signs that they are pulp and paper suppliers.

We stopped at Zeehan where silver and other metals are mined.
The sign above the counter made me smile.

All the roads have been winding roads - great for motorcycle riding.

We arrive at Risby Cove, Strahan and settle in for a couple of nights.
This is a tranquil place.

In the early evening we went to a local production "The Ship that Never Was" which tells the story of some convicts on Sarah Island.
Clever production, good acting - including from members of the audience. I got to be the ship's cat and Dick an overseer.

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