Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Mole Creek to Stanley, Tasmania

Morning has broken...

 Last night when we rode (slowly) up the drive in the dark we spied opposums, rabbits and a wallaby.  Kirk said that the opposums get to the walnuts on the tree a week before they are ready to harvest. Only one half-eaten walnut remains.
The mist has begun to lift as we set off.  

 JW - a man who made me laugh today.
He took us in the shuttle up to Dove Lake.
and  Cradle mountain. Today we discovered that there is an annual pass to the Tasmanian parks.

The Tasmanian National Parks service need to know that Hayley in their Cradle Mountain headquarters is the one of the best national parks employee we have encountered on this trip.

 A wallaby looking for a cuddle. He spent quite a while cleaning up in preparation. A video will follow soon.
We had lunch at Wilmot at the original Coles grocery store.

We rode 341km today. The temperature ranged from 11.5degC to 18degC.
The roads were wonderfully winding.
A warm welcome at Stanley and some fresh fish on a plate awaits.

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