Monday, 15 April 2013

Maydena, MONA and Hobart

Maydena is in the wilderness. 
Beyond lovely autumnal valleys and beyond Field National Park (the first National park in Australia).
A warm welcome and a delicious dinner from our host Anthea's kitchen.  
We had a lovely breakfast and set off to Strath Gordon and Australia's highest hydro dam.

Ooops some trees across the road blocked our way.
It is early Sunday morning so the chances of it being cleared soon seem slim.

We turn round and ride to Westaway and stop for coffee alongside the Derwent River.

We ride through lovely countryside. 

As we approach the outskirts of Hobart...
the signpost says MONA... we are lured to this amazing gallery.
Museum of old and new art.
This is a private gallery. 

The art works are provocative.
Some are stunning.  Some are stunningly unsettling.
You can take a peek at their website Mona  

Some are eye-catching - this water fall spelled out words. 

This library contains white books.
A cement truck.

We wander back through the vineyards to the bike...
which has been watched over by feeding guineafowl.

We ride into Hobart and drop off the bike to Ian at Motoadventure.
The bike was perfect for our journey.
Ian's itinerary took us through spectacular countryside.
The accommodation was spot on.

We headed off to the Shipwrights Arms hotel for the night.

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