Sunday, 7 April 2013

Remembering friends as we ride south of Hobart

Friendship is precious.

It is one week since our friends Kathy and Eric died in a plane crash. 

We are remembering Kathy and Eric as we ride today. They gave us excellent advice on riding through Latin America especially Panama and Ecuador where they had lived.  
We remember their adventurous spirits, their love of Ari,  and their love of people, their love of ideas and their wisdom.
We remember the fun we had together with a special group of neighbours who mourn with us.
We are blessed and enriched by their friendship.

I am reposting this photo of Kathy, me and Ros when we were together in Newport Beach last September. 
We rode to visit them at Newport Brach on our motorbike on the first day of the our 80 days Down the world to Ushuaia in Patagonia. 
We were heading for the Mexican border the next day. Kathy was anxious about our safety and gave us lots of helpful advice. 
Kathy and Ros sent us on our way with loads of friendly encouragement.

When we visited the Salamanca Market in Hobart this morning these flowers and fruit reminded me of visits to La Cigale with Kathy and Eric.

And of time in the gym with Kathy, Ros, Bobi and Fi.

 It is early morning and people are out getting ready for the day.

 Soon we are on the road...

 to Peppermint Bay in the south.  A little boy is chasing his leaf 'boat' as it floats down the rill.

We head back to Hobart through the Huon Valley and ride to the summit of Mt Wellington (940m) which gives us a rocky climb to  spectacular 360deg views over Hobart and beyond.

This is the first time we have seen this advice during our travels. The Broadcasting towers can cause electronic interference.
We don't have a problem with door opening.

Down the hill to the Shipwrights Arms Hotel in the historic Battery Point area.

We have had a peaceful day. 

It was been a day of reflecting.

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Ken said...

Thinking of you both.
Take care and enjoy your new journey.
We look forward to reading and seeing the photos.
Love K and S