Saturday, 8 December 2012

The end of one road. The start of another.

 Team Kiwi at Tierra del Fuego National Park.

I give thanks ...
for our safe arrival and for the companionship of our group and for the friendliness and kindness of all the people we have met on our journey...
and especially for Dick's planning, leadership, driving skill, judgement, loving kindness and consideration of others...
and for those who have helped me to be physically, emotionally and spiritually prepared for this journey.

It has been as much an Inward journey as an Outward one. A 140 day retreat.

I treasure the messages of encouragement and all your prayers.

Thank you for your comments and emails.

We have met beautiful people, seen beautiful creatures and beautiful places.  
Today was no exception.

Pink shelly beach, wild flowers to match.

The cross, a reminder of the sacrifice that set me free...

and the streams of living water that flow.

Ushuaia: el fin del mundo, el principio de todo!
The end of the world, the beginning of everything.

Thy will be done

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