Saturday, 1 December 2012

On Ruta 40... Argentine Patagonia. Perito Moreno to Gob. Gregores

We are riding Ruta 40 today. 
This route regarded as rugged and very windy.  

I have decided to make the wind and the road surface my friends.  
The wind was a gentle friend and the road surface was a fickle friend and varied widely from paved highway to rough gravel.
 Sheep, the only stock we saw for the day.
 The skies are huge,
 and ever changing.

It may seem that the roads are all paved.  My chofer prefers me not to take photos when we are on gravel - except when we stop... for big birds...
 or, to ponder why there is a parallel sealed road which is inaccessible to us.

  Men shopping.
 On the road again.

A vicuna crossing the road ahead of the mirage. 
They roam  across the landscape and leap effortlessly over the fences.

We meet some inspirational people on our journey. 
Today we met Richard from South Africa who is walking from Ushuaia to Mendoza. He intends to climb Aconcagua. Richard supports a couple of charities including I have a destiny and Place of Hope.  
He had already walked 50km on gravel roads from Gobierno Gregores when we met him.

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