Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My Photographs - sources of inspiration

Inspiration for my photographs has come from many sources.

I want to acknowledge some key people who have encouraged me.

First Dick, who knows more about photography than me and whose patience on the bike has enabled me to take lots of photographs.

With him in this photo are Richard and Shelli Steckel, in Denver who generously share their loving friendship and expertise. It feels as if we have been friends forever.

Richard and Shelli Steckel  showed me the power of photographs to make a difference.
Take a peek at the Milestones Project  a magnificent body of images that show that while we are all so very different we are very much alike.

We worked together with a  small group in Auckland on the Milestones Exhibitions in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in 2005.

Richard and Shelli have just launched a new project Uncommon images for the common good  a database of images where people like you, and me, can upload photographs and nominate a charity which will receive any proceeds if the image is purchased for publication.

The people I meet and with whom I feel a close interaction inspire me to want to share the experience.
I now understand how it can be that whenever I meet the heart of someone - the person and the context of any ensuing photograph is etched in my memory.
I have resisted taking photographs where people want a propina, or tip, and have published none on my blog.

The scenery.
Fellow travelers on my blog will see how I have been inspired by the magnificent scenery.
We have encountered every climatic zone, mountains, deserts, forests, and beautiful light in the far north and the high altitudes, and glorious flowers in Alaska.
I felt a strong desire to share some of the scenes of 'days on the road' with you.

Most of the photographs of scenes on this blog have been taken from the back of a motorcycle. Sometimes at 100+km/hour and sometimes 0km/hour.  Some have been kindly supplied by others, including Shirley, Ken, Mark and Dick. I have tried to acknowledge these. 

Generally I get used to judging when to press the button at different speeds. The hardest phase is when the motorcycle changed speed. 
I have had lots of practice over 5 months and 37,00km of riding. 

Posting images on this blog has helped me organize my photographs each day.

Image storage
I filled my 64GB iPad and have been using a MacBookAir since Quito. 
It isn't possible to load images on to memory stick from the iPad and Wifi speeds have generally been quite slow so uploading to DropBox or iCloud has been not been practical. 
I have been using a 16GB SD card in the camera lately. 

About the camera
I began the trip with a Canon G9 and from since August have been using a Canon G12.
It hangs neatly around my neck and is easy to press the button with motorcycle gloves.
The Canon G12 has stood up to the hard rigours of life on the road and at sea.

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