Thursday, 6 December 2012

Joys and delights of a day on the road... Puerta Natales to Cerro Sombrero, Chile

  Glorious cerise lupins.

 This pisco sour is going to make me smile, too.

 Early morning mountains

 Marcus in his red Mini Cooper. Mum has the remote control but he knows how to change the car to manual control...and how to turn on the music and the headlights.

We have had wonderful care in Puerta Natales.
Jimena from Colombia.
 Claudia and Isabel at IF hotel. Wonderful welcome. Wonderful warm hospitality. Muchas gracias
A lovely farewell hug and we were on our way.
 Long straight roads, ever-changing cloud patterns and... strong crosswinds to lean into. Just like a comfy sofa. El viento es muy fuerte, hoy.
 Elegant hexagonal bus stops along the highway. Blue roofs, windows and a spire.

 We had to pull over and let this house past.  It was so windy today that I wonder if it stayed on the transporter.

Tierra del Fuego...this way.

This sheep and dog duo wanted to board the transportador (ferry) with the vehicles.

 Safely on board the ferry, holding on to the bikes,  howling at the wind.
Watched reproachfully.

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