Monday, 5 November 2012

What a difference a day makes.

Chicken Soup yesterday.
Today, an unexpected treat. Sunday buffet at Cafe Andina in Chichlayo
 Ceviche seafood

 stuffed capsicum
 Dulce de leche dessert
 Mini Cheesecakes


Anonymous said...

ummm .... don't know aobut the chicken leg, but everything else looks delicious!
J n Pxx

Diana said...

I always try local food whever I am. The last time I had chicken feet was in Bali. They were deep fried and crispy like pork scratchings. I didn't discover this foot in the soup until I had already eaten some. The soup was very good. A typical lunch is chicken soup, fish with rice and juice - all for about $NZ1.50
The buffet lunch was spectacular. Perfect tastes and a huge variety. It was $NZ20

Anne & Kerry said...

Hi Diana
Yes we are following your blog with interest. We think you photography is better than Dick's! Getting away in the Morgan to the Bay of Islands in a couple of weeks time. Take care and thinking of you both.

Anne & Kerry

Diana said...

I am glad that you are on this journey with us. I reckon I have had a lifetime of photography on the back of the bike - loads of practice. Wonderful friends in Denver, Richard and Shelli Steckel gave me some good advice about taking photographs.