Sunday, 4 November 2012

Problem solving... then on the road from Quito.

A few technical challenges have slowed my blogging this week.

I filled my iPad with photos. Yes, 64GB iPad is full. Yes, I have been uploading to Dropbox but that is a slow process when the internet speeds are slow. I am getting familiar with a new laptop.

I had  dream last night and could see in my mind's eye how to solve some of the challenges. So I am back.

I am always surprised at how obvious solutions are. Why aren't they immediately obvious?
I guess that that they wouldn't be problems and I would not be able to enjoy the pleasure in sorting them if they were.

We crossed the Ecuador/Peru border this morning and are now in Talara near the coast.
We rode through 100km + of banana plantations. Plastic bags were not only around bunches of bananas, they were also scattered along the road side.

A precarious perch for this home after a new road cutting was made.

We spotted many pump jacks and oil pipelines this afternoon.
One of the Petrobras pipelines stretched across the landscape and slipped underneath the house on the corner.

This pelican didn't seem to mind.

Take a peek at Dick's description  of our memorable departure from Quito. 

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