Thursday, 8 November 2012

On the road in Peru.

We are in Palpa, Peru. 
2,341km south of Quito. 30,152km since we left Vancouver on June28.

We are about 14.00deg south. Most days I have been wearing a couple of Icebreaker layers and my windjacket liner. Temperatures have been aorund 15 -18 degC most days. Distinctly cool for the tropics. The Humboldt current is very influential!

We have ridden for six days in the desert since we crossed the border last saturday. In many places the desert has been brought to life with irrigation. Huge acreages of sugar cane, vegetables, rice and strawberries.

There are also oases, like Palpa, where orange orchards and huge vineyards surpised me today.
So too, did the blue skies. Sea mists and desert haze have often shrouded the views. We have also encountered occasional streams of fluid sand blowing across the road - but fortunately no patches of settled sand.

The desert sands cast striking shadows across the lanscape. Mountains of sand. Some with solid rock bases and sometimes with alluvial rounded rocks which  are visible in the road cuttings.

We have been on the road for 7 days and we have taken a short break this afternoon.
We are close to Nazca. tomorrow we will ride to Cusco.

Wifi is not  available so the images will be posted later.

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