Sunday, 11 November 2012

It is people... People in Peru

Highlights everyday for me are the people I meet. 
People are the most important aspect of this trip for me.

I love it when my heart leaps at the response of strangers. 
I love it when we meet old and new friends.

The eyes of a babe, the smile of a child at a lunch stop,

Concentrating on the design graph and the needle as she does her cross-stitch. 
 Intently watching our motorbike as we prepare to ride away.

Polishing my boots with pride - and Kiwi boot polish.
 Children at the church door, waiting for the bride.
 Manly scrubbing at the wash tub.
I adore unexpected meetings. Today we had several. 
The friendly greeting of young New Zealanders as we park outside the hotel door. Invariably the young kiwis we have met on this journey have been impressive young people. 

Another highlight was meeting up with Mike and Denise Ferris, friends who are leading a group on a motorcycle tour in the Andes. Mike led us on a marvelous motorbike adventure in the Indian Himalayas last year.  Take a peek at their website Ferris Wheels Motorcycle Tours
We joined their Amazing Andes group for dinner.

With our Mexcian friend Guillermo, from 'Stahlratte'.
He just happened to park his motorcycle in the square as we rode up yesterday afternoon. We met up outside the Cusco Cathedral this morning.

Chalhuanca was a haven after a long day at very high altitudes 4500+m. 
We were grateful for our welcome at the El Samaritan Hostel.

Here is the smile that accompanied our meal at the local hotel.

 Every day we stop at a gas station. Our long protracted ride through the Lima motorway was rewarded with this smile.

The smile that prepared our ceviche pescado at Huarmey.

Yes,  he serves the best chicaronnes in the world!

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