Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Feliz Cumpleanos StarJam

Happy 10th Birthday  StarJam

The first time we saw a StarJam performance was at the opening of the Telstra Events Centre in Manukau in 2004.

The young men who sang grace liberated my tears after what had been difficult public time.  I loved StarJam from that instant.

Dick and I love our association with StarJam a New Zealand organisation that provides opportunities for children with disabilities to perform and for musicians and dancers to share their teaching skills.

It is StarJam's 10th anniversary this week and they are celebrating with Live Jam this Sunday Evening. We are sorry we won't be there in person but are happy to catch it on line.

See how they touched a crowd at Sylvia Park a while back with 'I was Born this Way'  a StarJam Flash Mob. They did another flashmob last night in the Central Business District in Auckland. You might catch them on TVNZ Closeup tonight. Watch StarJam on Closeup TVNZ.

It is also Dick's mother's birthday today. She is 87.  Thanks to all those are caring for her and who helped her celebrate in Auckland in our absence.

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