Sunday, 11 November 2012

Cusco, flowers, food and history

A wonderful rest in a monastery after nine days riding from Quito in Ecuador to Cusco, Peru.

We have been in the desert for six days and at high altitudes in the Andes for several days. This is a different kind of bliss.

Narrow cobbled streets in the centro historic in Cusco show the wear of centuries of human traffic.

These buildings were first constructed in the 1500's. An earthquake in 1640 demolished the city. the walls were rebuilt very thick to withstand earthquakes.

 Women in traditional dress.

Cusco cathedral completed in the mid 1600's is splendid. The main altar is silver and weighs 1250kg. Gold leaf covers altars.  Beautifully carved pulpits and choir stalls vie with the best in Europe.
Cusco was the centre for the region when it was ruled by Spain -  including Peru, Ecuador, parts of Brazil, Chile and Bolivia

Homes climb up the steep hillsides. After seeing people living at high altitudes and tilling very steep slopes I can understand how they might choose to live on these steep hillsides.

A cross in clear view from most parts of the centro historic.

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