Thursday, 22 November 2012

Beyond the Atacama, through Santiago to Chillan

Friendly curiosity

The first half of today was misty and I was glad I was wearing several layers of  Icebreaker merino including leggings, and my heated jacket as well. It was around 13-17degC which is cool when the bike is motoring along at 120kph. I was toasty warm compared with yesterday.

The Andes are over there somewhere.

We left the mist about 100km south of Santiago. 24.5degC was the highest temperature for the day. We are 36.60degSouth.  Auckland, New Zealand is 36.80 deg South and it was 21degC max today.
 Where am I?   
Grapevines in a setting very similar to Marlborough.

Two aircraft hangars just like those at Woodbourne, and also the Janet and John book 'Here we go",  page 5. 'Come and see. See the aeroplane. Janet, look. Up, up, up." As the youngest child in the family I arrived at school able to read but I didn't know for sure until the moment that I read the word aeroplane.  I have a painting of that page.

Lines on the landscape. The rice paddies are ready for planting.

Huge horticultural agribusinesses were common on the side of the autopista south of Santiago. Grain silos, food processing plants, wineries and packhouses ready for the new season with huge bins stacked ready.

The bells chimed 5pm when we arrived in the central square in Chillan. Note the cross on one side of the church and a communications tower on the other.

The garden at the Hotel Ventura has lovely roses...

and a still life at the back.

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