Saturday, 24 November 2012

A visit to a Men's toyshop, a volcano and beech forest.

Dick and Ken were in seventh heaven. 
The bikes were getting new shoes and diagnostic tests of their internals. The men went shopping.
Bemused, I watched.

Then on the road to Puerto Varas around Lake Llanquihue past farmland that could have been anywhere in New Zealand.
Huge herds of dairy cows and beef cattle munching on lush grass. A monstrous Nestle milk processing factory near Osorno was generating steam - and presumably dulce de leche and other milk products.

 The through miles of beech forest. These are relatives of the NewZealand beech or nothofagusGondwana land was home to podocarp and beech forests. The beech evolved differently in their separate locations post the Gondwana shift millions of years ago.

We rode up Mt Osorno volcano. Alas the low cloud obscured the view.

But the forest was familiar.

Petrohue Falls on the river that connects the Lagos Todos Santos (All Saints Lake) with Lake Llanquihue

Broom in riotous full boom  filled  the air with a delicate perfume of spring.
Mella in camouflage.

More rural vistas to remind us of home - which is where we will be in less than one month from now.

Roses galore to remind us of a very special Matilda Rose in Melbourne who is making good progress.

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