Friday, 23 November 2012

A day in the Chilean breadbasket - Chillan to Osorno

In the last 4 days we have ridden 2,311km mostly on tolled motorways. 

We have ridden from arid desert to lush farmland.

We have travelled 17 degrees latitude south - from latitude 23.6S at Antofagasta to 40.7S TA Orsono.

Today it was 8.5 degC when we set off from Chillan and it hovered around 12-13 degC most of the day with a high of 18 degC. How glad I am to have a heated jacket.

Crops were in abundance for almost 500Km as we rode south today.
Nearer to Orsono we saw dairy herds and grass being harvested for hay.
Canola seed crops.
Wheat fields.

This brand image must be one of the most successful in South America. Words are not required for this Sodimac home supplies store. It also tells me that a town is nearby.

Canary yellow rail bridges accompany us beside the autopista. I have seen very few trains.

Most of the freight is transported by road. Every 50-100km is a toll plaza. We are paying road tolls here in Chile unlike every other South American country we have visited where motorcyclists ride toll free.

The speed limit is 120km/hr on the tolled motorway for all vehicles. I am working hard to improve my reaction time for taking photographs.

We have bypassed all towns by choosing to ride on the motorway. Our breaks have mainly been at Comec petrol stations which are luxurious compared with any we have encountered anywhere in the world.  Wonderful service at the pumps. A choice of 93, 95 and 97 octane petrol. Payment is at the pump. Cafes and sparkling clean bathrooms complete the scene.

 Yes, those are rain clouds.
We had our first shower of rain since Chalhuanca in Peru 12 days ago.
It soon cleared up.

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