Monday, 1 October 2012

With childlike wonder...

I watched in stunned surprise as a spectacular transformation of the cathedral facade began after the carillion had celebrated 9 pm and the last disciple had entered the tower and the doors closed.

Typical Chiapas embroidery. Women's work on a grand scale.

Marvelous marimba music.

For cat lovers. This Chiapas region has biodiversity sanctuaries. There are more of the cat species here than anywhere in the world.

Each day brings wondrous unexpected surprises.
...the smallest thing like a crimson dragon fly, Veronica's smile, the burst of flavour of the zucchini flower quesadilla, a violin in the distance...
My heart soars when I see - stunning landscapes, bridges in high places, an archway supporting a 16th century aqueduct, embroidery in wild colours. People in passionate embrace in the street. Families together. Dads walking hand in hand with their children.
I am beginning to think about what I may have missed when I lived a 'purposeful' regular life.
How much of the unexpected do we exclude in our lives?
I am a member of the Third Space group in Auckland. The group offers a place to be, a place to relax, to connect, to reflect.
The synergy of people bringing their talents and gifts and hopes and their desire to build community is an inspiration. God inspired.
This motorbike journey is my manifold Third Space.


Diane said...

Absolutely stunning



Diana said...

My eyes are being opened.
I am so glad that you are with me on this journey.

jocelyn grantham said...

Hi Diana
Great to see all the colourful and creative photography! Also lovely to read of your "third space" experiences as you reflect on and enjoy the many different spaces you come across... much love and blessings Joce XX

Diana said...

Thanks, Joce. May all Third Spaces be as transformative as these. Eyes, ears, hearts and minds being opened to God's purpose. That we love one another as He loves us.