Wednesday, 31 October 2012

What is certainty?

The sun will rise...?

...But, not until 12.44pm 17 January 2012 in Deadhorse, Alaska.

During one of our conversations, Jorina posed the question, "What is certainty?"

We are a group of travellers. We know about uncertainty.

We know about new life which springs from uncertainty when we step aside from familiar comfort and security.

How would you answer her question "What is certainty?"

Where do these steps lead?

Portulacca plants among the first to colonize the lava flows.
A female marine iguana basking on the solar heated lava rocks. A huge red crab scuttles along.

And back to M/S Encantada, and a morning snorkelling trip.

Spot my blue feet.
Pelican in a cactus garden with two blue footed boobie friends.
There is a turtle near the mangroves. And another swimming with his friend.

Three white tipped reef sharks basking.
We snorkelled with white tipped reef sharks this morning.

I am very proud of my blue shoes.

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