Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Sunrise till sunset

1897. Post Charles Darwin's visit. A volcanic eruption produced 150sq km lava. We walked over some of it in the morning. A few pioneer plants were growing in the fissures.

After a fruit snack which included tamarillos we snorkelled along the sea face of the lava flow. Corals were beginning to grow. Many fish species were feeding on the algae.

In the afternoon we snorkelled from beach to beach around these rocks. Sea lions, penguins, many huge shoals of various fish accompanied us.
I wished I had an underwater camera with me.

Afternoon stroll up 366 steps, and down again.

Lava cactus.

To the lookout where we could see volcanoes and the vast lava flows.
My Tilley hat stayed on board despite the wind.

A female marine iguana sunning herself.
A curious lizard.

Frigate birds soared around the Encantada and followed us as we sailed along into the sunset.


Anonymous said...

love the 'wrinkled' and 'bubbling' lava photos.
Jayne xx

Diana said...

Thanks, Jayne. It was like a huge art installation. The textures and colours were amazing.