Friday, 26 October 2012

Hollywood to Quito. Stage three summary.

We set off on this stage of our journey on 11 September, 2012.

From BMW Hollywood to Laguna beach 108km via a wonderful visit with Ros and Kathy at Newport Beach.

Laguna to San Vincente, and then next day to To Guerrero negro, Baja California, Mexico, MX 968km
To Loreto 412km
To la Paz 363 km

To mazatlan by ferry 27km
Mazatlan, MX
To Durango 287km
To Zacatecas 293km
To Leon 248km
To Morelia 212km
To Ixtapan 308km
To Huajuaman 361km
To Oaxaca 164km
To Tehuatepenec 252km
To tuxtla Gutierrez 295km
To San cristobal 60km
To Tapachula 328km
We leave Mexico.

To Guatemala Libertad149km
To El Salvador 456km
To Honduras 246km
To Nicaragua 310km
To Costa Rica 376km
Rio Clara, Costa Rica 299km
To Santiago Panama 263km
To Panama City 224km
To Carti and Stahlratte ship148km

At San Blas archipelago and Cartagena, Colombia by ship.
To Sincelejo 191km
To Tarazia 250km
To La Pintada 300km
To Palmira 333km
To Chachagui 377km
To Ibarra, Ecuador 245km
24 October arrive
Quito 138km

44days, 8920km.
10 countries - 9 pairs of border crossings. Circa 20 hours for border crossings.
9 rest days, three days each in la Paz, Cartagena, on board Stahlratte.
We have encountered friendliness all along our journey.

Two small encouraging anecdotes showed me that, as my friend Jeannie says, "God is enough".

As we were leaving Ibarra I prayed that angels would protect us and everyone on the road. The next moment I saw a magnificent statue at a roundabout. St Miguel, the archangel.

At La Pintada we visited the cathedral. I read the words of Ave Maria beautifully painted on the wall. They reminded me of when I accompanied Hetty at the school singing competitions. She sang Ave Maria. When I opened my email there waiting for me was an old friends' announcement that Hetty had joined. I emailed her.
We probably haven't seen each other since 1965.

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