Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Over the hills and far away...

...is a parallel universe.
We Leave our Panama City hotel and go in search of the place where we are to meet the others who are on the Stahlratte adventure.

We have had the most wonderful help from Martin.

We ride through the modern part of the city which is in contrast to the area we stayed.

Over the hills (we know what these clouds are bringing...a light and sound and water show)

Over winding roads, some swoop steeply down the hills and up the other side. Sometimes there are washouts in the bottom of the swoop. These are the steepest roads we have ridden on. Fortunately they are mostly paved.
We are now in Kuna Yala an independent state. Centuries ago the kuna people came to this area from Colombia.

We see the ship, Stahlratte, and know we have found the right place.

The motorbikes are lined up on the jetty,

Captain Ludwig attaches the ropes that will be used when they hoist the bikes on board.

Dick is wondering...

Dugout canoes are the norm here.


And shell fish.

We are soon pushing off, too.

Mella is safely in board

We have our casa for the next few days.

The skipper at the helm. All is well.

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