Tuesday, 16 October 2012

On a special island... In Kuna Yala. The San Blas Islands.

We stayed overnight in this small island.
What an extraordinary privilege to share the everyday lives of kuna people.
We were made very welcome.
People moved out of their homes for the night and gave us their beds to sleep in.
The path to our home for the night.

Gentle melodious sounds of pan pipe music and rhythmic dancing followed our local meal of baked fish, tomatoes, rice and salad.

We slept well. Alas it rained heavily.

Neighbouring low lying islands, just a paddle away. They seem to be floating on the surface of the water.

The women wear traditional dress.

The main thoroughfare. Handicrafts are on display.

Handicrafts include beadwork. These are bead bands which the women wear on their calves and on their wrists. They sew them on to keep the patterns in place.

Gorgeous colorful necklaces. Shells, beads, seeds are strung together.

Embroidered appliqué work.

Dugout canoes. Children are ferried to school on a neighbouring island in these canoes.

Water transport is essential. There are several islands in this neighbourhood cluster.

This is an island Where children play.
They run...

They line up to be tickled...

They climb over the dugout canoes...

They watch

The have wheel barrow races. They cartwheel down the path. They play hide and seek.

And they show us handiwork.

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