Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Nicaragua to Costa Rica

Our day begins at dawn. The fisherfolk are already at sea.

We set of at 6am. Early starts are cooler and we try to get to the Fronterra during the morning.

The back country road takes us to the pan American highway. We have successfully avoided Managua the capital city.

Horses and carts are commonplace.

As are people on horseback.

We decided to independently complete both border crossings(exit from Nicaragua, entry to Costa Rica). With or without 'help' it is a long, hot process. Minimum has been 2 hours. Our smiles are low wattage.
Alas our timing coincided with the processing of a couple of bus loads of people.

On the other side...
Things are different!

People are dressed up.
Mechanical farming equipment. Horses are on farms with equestrian signs.
No one is visibly wearing an 'umbrella'.

We find a hotel, have a swim and rest a little easier.
Coast Rica has the highest literacy rates in the world. Education is free and universal. Health care is free. There no defence force.
Today's border crossing took us into a new world.
The last Central American border crossing will be to Panama. We need to be there in time to board a ship that will take us to Colombia.

Location:Costa Rica 376km. 6116km since LA

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