Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Meeting people while we go on our errands

We had a small list of things to do today.
Dick and Ken set off early to be at the jetty to fetch the bikes and to complete customs clearance.
Take a peek at Dick's latest post to see Mella's amazing adventures on a zodiac. ice to ice by motorcycle.

Everyone was very helpful when I asked for directions for the various places we needed to find and when we completed transactions in my poco Espanol.

High priority for me was to get an umbrella.
It is the very wet season just now.
I found just what I wanted with this lady. A bright yellow, orange and blue paragua or sombrilla. I purchase my paragua entirely in Spanish, including bargaining. 15,000 pesos ($NZ10.20).

? Donde esta una tienda que vende Velcro? Aqui. Eso seƱorita vende Velcro.

She also sells bright lace, and ribbons.

Mercado flora es circa. Most of the flowers are being made by hand but some are naturale.

Later, in the historico centro...

With Chantal and Jean who are also on an epic motorbike adventure. Chantal et Jean traversent les Ameriques.
Thank you for this foto, Guillermo.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mum H
The colour in this post brightened our day - dull, windy in Wellington today! I loved the flower ribbon, and Piper loved the pink and purple flowers and horse and cart.
Love the new umbrella too!
Love Jayne and Piper xx

Diana said...

Let's colour our world.
We could replace kiwi black with glorious riotous colours. Imagine...