Saturday, 6 October 2012

Highlights of a border crossing day. Guatemala to El Salvador.

It is 8 am we have been on the road for two hours...
We stop for breakfast at McDonalds.
I get talking with a group of 14 year old students who are also having breakfast... And texting on their mobiles and highly amused at each other as they practice their English.

Here is my typical Guatemalan style McD's breakfast, . Scrambled egg, grilled banana, refried bean paste (tasted like black pudding), some cheese and a tortilla with salsa and sour cream on the side.

A significant difference from Mexico. Here people openly bear arms.
I had to remind myself that I had been told that everyone wears arms in Montana. Out if sight out of mind. I really find this unnerving... So I will pretend that they are carrying umbrellas.

Outside every petrol station and lots of businesses are armed guards.

And then there are lovely smiling faces that set my mind at rest.

It is rambutan season.

We are eating chillies in some firm every day.

Then at the approach to the border. At least three km of trucks lined up. So what to do??? We ride down between them.

What a clever, steady driver I have!

Part of the protracted process at the border involved getting more copies of documents and chasing from passport control to the customs who deal with the motorbikes. Having our own vehicles complicates life at the border but c'est la vie.

Shirley and I were provided with light relief and a drink by this charming lass. She is wearing a typical apron. Women wear aprons when they are out and about - over their clothes. Beautifully embroidered and with three pockets.

Border tasks complete - our assistants provide advice on directions.

100km later we stop and breathe in the Pacific Ocean air. And think of home.

And ride on into the sunset... And into the dark.

But soon all was well. I had a bowl of my favourite things in front of me.

Ah, that was good!
Yvonne, I wish you could have shared it with me.

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