Thursday, 4 October 2012

From Mexico to Guatemala

Welcome to Mexico, Tijuana. 12 September, 2012

Marvellous roads.

Double yellow lines are an open invitation...

Vibradores, topes and other cunningly effective devices to make you slow down near curves, near schools, near major intersections, near small towns, on the motorway, and where you least expect. Sometimes they send you into orbit. You may think these are white lines...

And, nearby...a suspension repair business. Where are the spinal people?

Parking the motorbikes securely in grand courtyards gave entertainment and peace of mind.

I never got used to the military and police checks. Boys and Girls with guns. I know there is a major security and drugs issue. We were always treated civilly when we were stopped.

But I did like the warning signs.

A potentially difficult tourist visa issue was sorted. Dick wrote his first essay in Spanish.

Ken and I plagiarised his fine effort and we all got a pass grade. There are times when copying someone else's work is justified.

We had wonderful weather including a spectacular electrical storm last night. Our drivers couldn't see where they were going so found shelter in a flooded petrol station. Then to Tapachula where the streets were awash.

Farewell Mexico at the border. 3 October, 2012

A shoeshine welcome to Guatemala

Swarms joined the challenge to get my boots shiny.

And the young man who stole my heart. He was playing marbles.

Location:'We are now in Guatemala'

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