Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Costa Rica to Panama. Fronterra crossing 7

What a difference a good nights sleep can make. We are ready for our final Fronterra crossing in Central America.

The exit from Costa Rica was smooth and quick. Unfortunately we arrived at Panama immigration along with a bus load of people.

The bike paperwork is done.

Mella is about to be fumigated.

In the mall next door Christmas scenes are in display.

And on the road we see this truck which was heavily laden with green and ripe bananas.

More flowers. I have seen more flowers today than in the whole month. Earlier posts in Alaska and Canada featured glorious flowers. Here we have some tropical stars.

It rained. It rained so hard we sheltered in the bus shelter...

And it rained big drops of warm tropical rain.

Julia and Jasmin, two fifteen year old girls joined us. They let me practice my Espanol and they tried out their English. Mutual benefits.

Canna lilies brighten up the next place where we shelter for rain.

Our home for the night. La Hacienda. More Mexican art and decoration than I saw in Mexico.
Glorious, riotous colour. Sculptures, paintings, ceramics aplenty.

Location:Santiago, Panama. 263km today 6788km since LA

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