Tuesday, 16 October 2012

At sea and arriving in Cartagena.

Early morning departure from the San Blas islands paradise.

Breakfast - a feast.

And the hands that prepared it.

Just need to check the rear vision mirrors.

Wonderful sailing company...

Sails aloft but not quite enough wind to fill them

A pod of at least twenty dolphins came to play with us.

Such energy. Most of us are having a rest-filled day.

Aha, fresh crayfish have come on board. Dinner is a treat. The tails were poached in a delicate curry sauce. My fishing came to nought. But I am very happy to see these crays.

We share the tasks. Shirley in her element.

In the early morning we see Cartagena. We discover it is a public holiday so the chances of getting our passports processed is reasonably high but the motorbikes won't be off loaded until tomorrow.

Here is a ship plan for those who like maps and plans.



Anonymous said...

Loving the colour and faces again ...! Bliss!
Love J n P xx

Diana said...

I feel very 'blissed' and glad you are with us for the South American stage.