Wednesday, 3 October 2012

As we leave Mexico...

Vaya con Dios Mañana
We have been on the road...
80 days since we left Vancouver 28 June 2012, and
20 days since we left Los Angeles Tuesday, 11 September 2012
At the end of stage one we had travelled 18,503km
Since LA we have ridden 4682km
As we leave Mexico to cumulative distance is 23185km
We estimate it will take another 60 days to complete stage two of 80days down the world.

Stunning scenes along the way.

We have stayed in 17 different towns.
We have had 6 rest days - la Paz, Oaxaca and Tuxtla Gutierrez
108km Los Angeles to Laguna Beach
329km Laguna to San Vincente on Baja California
524km San Vincente to Guerrero Negro
412km Guerrero Pedro to Loreto
363km Loreto to La Paz(3 nights)
27km La Paz to Mazatlan (overnight in Baja Ferry)
287km Mazatlan to Durango(over the Devil's Spine route)
293km Durango to Zacatecas
248km Zacatecas to Leon
212km Leon to Morelia
308km Morelia to Ixtapan de sal
361km Ixtapan de sal to Huajuaman Leon
164km Huajuaman to Oaxaca (2 nights)
252km Oaxaca to Tehuantepec
295km Tehuantepec to Tuxtla Gutierrez (3 nights)
60 km Tuxtla to San Cristobal
340km San Cristobal to Tapachula
Independence was being celebrated throughout September in Mexico. Bunting and flags and decorations were everywhere. The national colours- red, white and green - gave a Christmas feel.

We have enjoyed our time in this beautiful country.
People have been very friendly and helpful.

And exude warmth.

Marvellous creative minds and hands.

Lourdes designs beautiful jewelry. The Chiapas region has wonderful amber.

And we loved our surprise meeting with Kay and Lydia from Auckland. Kay works for Twin Agencies ltd who are the sales company for Hubbard Foods. Lydia is teaching in Oaxaca.Oh how I love unexpected meetings

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Diane said...

Hi Diana and Dick

I have just read the last few blogs. The one about seeing the Pacific Ocean (I did wave at you!) brought a tear to my eye.)

While each blog is enchanting on its own, reading your mileage(now I date myself,but kilometreage just doesn't have the same ring) summary is mind boggling

Keep travelling safely and well